July 30, 2013




Thank you for watching! I understand it’s not the best video quality, it is a work in progress. I am new to video editing and public speaking, but my heart is in the right place. I will update the video as I gain new skills and improve myself.

My hope is that I can lead by example to show people that you don’t have to wait until you are perfectly skilled or feel qualified to start making an impact. In fact, if you wait until you feel ready, you probably won’t do it at all.

“Ready” is a feeling that almost never comes before doing.

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One thought on “Welcome!”

  • This site has really touched me and encouraged change in my life. In our society today it is so hard to find anything that is available solely for the benefit of others. This site and especially the blog posts are here to encourage and build up anyone and everyone into the most passionate true versions of themselves. Please read through any of the posts. I bet you will be surprised at how much of an impact it has.
    This site has made a difference in at least one life. I have a hard time believing it won’t make a difference in yours.

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