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Welcome to my blog!  This is my introductory entry, you should be able to see my other blog posts under “Blog Posts” on the left side of the page, or at the bottom of the page under “Most Popular Posts” and “Archives.”

For the past several years I have been doing a lot of searching to find my ideal career path, my purpose and personalized work created just for me using my God-given gifts and strengths.  It has been a long search which I must say is still not fully complete.  I’m not sure if it is intended to ever be complete, but I do feel like I am making progress toward figuring out what kind of work best fits me.  I must say that it makes me feel like quite a “late bloomer” in the areas of self-discovery and launching a career.  It feels like it’s taking forever to figure out what I’m good at and what I truly enjoy!  However, as with any idea, change, skill or success, you can’t see it erupt into a raging fire without first igniting the initial spark!

The idea of a spark inspired me.  Growing up, I always loved playing with sparklers around the 4th of July.  Around bond fires, I loved watching the sparks from the flames pop and float up into the night air.  I still do love these things.  It is amazing to me that such a tiny little spark, under the right conditions, can slowly or rapidly grow into an enormous fire, sometimes so powerful it can consume hundreds or thousands of acres of brush and trees if left uncontrolled.  It is so beautiful as a small glimmer of light, yet can grow to be immensely powerful.  It can provide romantic ambiance in candle light, warmth from a fire place, or be terrifying and destructive out of containment.  In many songs, poems and thoughts of passion or drive, we tend to compare strong affinities for things as having fire in one’s heart, fire in one’s eyes, or a fiery spirit.  It is associated with being alive with vibrant energy and ambition.  I can think of no better metaphor for the intent of this site, which is to inspire and encourage others toward their true potential.

I say the word true because it is synonymous with genuine.  The idea is something that is accurate, concrete, unwavering, trustworthy, and worthwhile.  When we say things like “true nature,” “true intent,” “true being,” etc. we are referring to the raw makeup of whatever lies beneath the surface if all other masks, acts, perceptions, words, understanding, etc. are totally stripped away.  Take away all variables that alter perception and what remains?  That is the original nature.  The true self.  If something is true, it will always be true.  It does not change based on desires, perceptions, beliefs, opinions, or circumstances.  This is the ultimate form and definition of true.

So, what do I mean when I say Spark True Living?  I am saying to initiate (spark) a lifestyle and legacy that is genuinely (truly) worth living.  Don’t settle for less than the potential for which you are made!  That is not to say be unrealistic about it, but don’t sell yourself short either.  For example, you may desire to be the next Michelangelo, but if you know you don’t have the gift of art or painting, maybe that is not the right goal for you.  That may not be the potential of your true nature.  On the other hand, maybe you don’t think you would be good at art, but you’ve never really given it a chance.  There is nothing wrong with trying to pick up a new skill and see how you like it.  In fact, I very much recommend that.  You may find out you have certain talents for things that you never realized before!  I am doing the same thing in my life, exploring many different activities to discover what sticks.  It is never too late to start exploring and learning about yourself.  If you received a lot of exposure to a variety of activities as a child, that’s awesome!  It is so helpful to be able to start that early, but if not, it’s not the end of the world, nor do you have to be stuck in something not meant for you just because you got a late start on self-discovery or development.

Take a moment to read these stories of inspirational late bloomers who didn’t let age or phase of life keep them from doing amazing things!

The Top Ten Late Bloomers of All Time

Though, I don’t recommend being inspired by Frank Burgos, one of the late bloomers of crime.  That ambition is not likely to lead to good results!

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2 thoughts on “Spark True Living

  1. Thank you for being willing to put the time and energy into encouraging and speaking life with people through this website. The goal of pushing others to live up to their genuine, true, life giving, fulfilling purpose is a noble and challenging one. I know that I have been touched, and I know that many more will be as well.

    • Thank you! These subjects of potential, calling, gifting, strengths, & passions are very important to me, and I want everyone (including myself) to experience the best life God has for them. No matter who they are or what they believe. We are all made for something different, like unique pieces to a complex and beautiful puzzle. We can’t see the whole picture yet, but if we can at least figure out the part of the puzzle that we are specifically designed to fill, nothing could be more fulfilling! I think one of the worst feelings is trying to fill a role that is not meant for you. It feels terribly awkward and dissatisfying. Keep searching until you find your place!