Being new to blogging and consistent writing in general, I’ve been learning about types of writers.  According to the NaNoWriMo website ( – National Novel Writing Month) there are two types of writers; planners and pantsers.  It didn’t take me long to figure out which kind of writer I am.  In almost every aspect of my life, I am a planner.  I like to organize my schedules, plan ahead, know details of events or duties ahead of time so that I can plan when to wake up, what to wear, when to go to bed, or set out special materials I might need.  I’m always trying to avoid problems before they start.  However, when it comes to writing, I just don’t feel like expending the energy to write outlines and character maps, or brainstorm a list of topics or timed pieces for the next six months.  So, as opposed to most of my other endeavors, when it comes to writing, I am definitely a pantser.  In case anyone missed it, a pantser is someone who flies by the seat of their pants, or essentially doesn’t plan anything.  Just going with the flow.

I almost never know what I’m going to write about until I sit down in front of my computer and just start writing something that comes to mind.  On this occasion, I had a couple topics in mind, but I felt like they required more thought and preparation than I desired to put into it at the moment, so here I am writing about writing!  Oh, and eating chocolate ice cream.  Sometimes when I’m not feeling my best or struggling with mental blocks or unmotivated, chocolate ice cream seems to help.  Most of my topics so far have been of fairly serious nature, but important.  After all, I do want to post things that have value and help people to lead successful and fulfilling lives.  I’d like to think I’ve hit on a few helpful notes.  However, I see no reason not to have a lighthearted post now and then.

I suppose that could lead into the point that it’s important to be yourself!  See?  I had no idea I was going to make that point.  Start off with a silly, lighthearted blog post and make a serious data point after all.  Being yourself really is very important to developing a life that makes you feel fulfilled and happy.  There is always work involved with obtaining quality of life, good relationships, and finding your potential, but there’s nothing that says you have to be serious and stoic during the process.  Put your personality into your work and how you handle things.  Of course, be aware of appropriate times and places for things.  That takes discernment, but if you like to have fun, then be creative and find ways to make things fun!  That’s part of innovation!  It is said that necessity is the mother of invention, but pleasure and fun have introduced their fair share of creative creations as well.

If you can’t find something out there that is the right fit for you, then invent something that is!  Have a weird conglomeration of interests and skills?  Then find a creative way to combine them and use them to provide value!  Help people.  That’s where most business ideas succeed or fail.  How does it help people?  Do people need what you’re offering?  Is it already available in some form?  If so, how can you revolutionize it in a unique way to be competitive?  If not, how can you let people know that you can offer it and that it’s something they want?  Again, it takes work, but if it involves things that make you you, if you’re interested in it and passionate about it, then the work will just be more fun!

I wish you the best in finding the best career and purpose for your life!  Like I said, if it’s not out there, then bring it into existence!  Not all the best jobs have been created yet.  There is always room for new ideas!  Let imagination take flight!  Be yourself!  You have something valuable and unique to offer the world, and the world needs it!  They just don’t know it yet.  Tell them!  Show them!  Be the shining star that you are!

Also, don’t forget to eat chocolate ice cream.  It helps a lot! 🙂


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One thought on “Pantser

  1. Yummy! I want some chocolate ice cream now.
    I find that so often, joy and humor are what give us the energy to continue moving towards the life we really want. They make the good times even better and the bad times bearable. There are so many different ways to approach the things we do. Planning, pantsing, some combination of the two. In the end, it really is all about putting yourself into what you do.
    Also, I completely agree that sometimes the best job you can have is the one you make up for yourself. We all have very unique skills and experiences. Many of us have exactly what we need to fit into the many many existing jobs, but there are some who have such a unique skill set that there isn’t anything that fits them. Make something up! There are schools out there that have begun to shift their focus from providing training for existing jobs to creating people who are prepared to do the jobs that don’t exist yet. Because most of the time, when the student graduates, there are new jobs available and no one to fill them because the jobs were just created. This is amazing to me.
    I would say that if necessity is the mother of invention, creativity (which comes from having fun) would be its father. Thank you again for encouraging everyone to be themselves and find what makes us all happy doing the things we love.