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String of Pearls: The Awakening

Lyn, a ten year old girl, is learning valuable life lessons via trials & adventure!

Hello! Thank you for your interest in this project!

My name is Dana Yost and I am the founder and author of Spark True Living, a website and blog dedicated to inspiring and empowering people to create meaningful work, live a fulfilling life, and pursue their greatest potential.

This is my first time attempting to write a novel and I am super excited about it! My goal for this book is to teach valuable lessons and virtues to kids (maybe 8-15 yrs. old) through an interesting and entertaining adventure. It was inspired by my six year old niece. Already, she has had to learn some unfortunate life lessons, and my heart aches for her to grow and learn things that will help her become resilient, hopeful, and confident as she goes through life's challenges.

This goal is very challenging and intimidating for me, because it has such great potential to impact not only my own beautiful niece once she can read it, but anyone's child who reads it. It is a high standard to set. With a goal like this, I really don't want to under-deliver.

This is where YOU can help! Your feedback as a beta reader can help make sure the standard I've set is being met. Here are some of the feedback thoughts to consider:

  • Does it grab your attention and interest?
  • Would it grab the interest of a pre-adolescent child?
  • Is it easy enough for a child of that age to understand?
  • Is it relatable while still different and unexpected?
  • Does the story flow well and seem smooth and connected?

As a launch team member, I work to keep demands on your time minimized. You can read through the manuscript draft at your own pace. This is supposed to be an enjoyable experience for everyone!

For your help on this project, you will receive a FREE digital copy of the book after it is published!

Thank you so much for your interest in this amazing goal and project! Your support means more than you know!

(As with any part of this book, even the title is subject to change. We'll toss around ideas until we get the best one!)

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