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I know so well what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck, uncertain whether you’ll be able to pay the bills each month and not knowing from where the rest of the money will come. I know what it’s like to think, “if only I could get just a little bit more, even just $2-300 more every month, I wouldn’t be so stressed about my bills.” I’ve also experienced the desire for just that little extra in order to buy that thing I wanted, or go visit a family member on a vacation, or boost my savings a bit more so that I have a little more “cushion” in case something unexpected happens. Money shouldn’t be the obsession or focus of our lives, but it sure helps. It’s really hard to get by without it. Along my search for my ideal career and the best way to use my gifts, I discovered that there are vehicles available to earn money alongside my other endeavors without demanding so much money and time from me that it would be unmanageable. Quite the opposite, actually. I discovered that some vehicles, or methods of earning money, can very easily compliment what I am already doing and make a big difference in getting me to where I want to be. By adding other sources of income, particularly passive income (money that keeps coming in even after you stop working), it can enable me to focus my time and attention on the things that matter to me the most!

In this case, I am recommending network marketing (also known as direct selling). There are a lot of network marketing opportunities and companies out there, some are good and some are bad. Some are outright scams and I encourage everyone to thoroughly check and vet any company you are considering investing in or promoting before getting involved. The good network marketing companies can be very lucrative and provide invaluable services to people everywhere, and they will be well established and supported by reliable sources such as the BBB, FTC, Consumer Affairs, etc. In the video below, entrepreneur and trainer Robert Kiyosaki explains how network marketing works and why it is a smart move for building wealth in the long term. I have no obligation or compensation for recommending any products or services from Robert Kiyosaki, but I find him to be highly inspirational, empowering, and an expert on building wealth and managing money effectively. If you’d like his resources on wealth and money management, please visit his website at

For me, network marketing has provided me with FREEDOM rather than tying me down like many jobs tend to do. It is not the full time career of choice for everyone (including me), but it can still benefit everyone alongside your career choice! It is a great support! I do hope you’ll give it serious consideration.

To learn more about the network marketing company I work with, click HEREI would love to work with you!

I wish you the best of success!  Dream BIG, and dare to follow your dreams!

Dana Yost; Founder, Spark True Living

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This opportunity IS NOT for everyone, BUT for many people who have seen it’s value, it has provided them with the TIME & MONEY FREEDOM they have always wanted!


 What will you do today to make your tomorrow better?

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