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As the number one white collar crime and still rapidly growing, it is VITAL for EVERYONE to actively protect themselves against Identity Theft.  So many people don’t realize that ID theft is NOT limited to finances and credit cards.  You have multiple identities that can be stolen!

1) Financial – most people know about this one and think their bank or cautious financial management saves them.  That is a myth!

2) Social Security – People can assume your identity to get your benefits, open accounts or contracts in your name, get a new job in your name, etc.  (There was a case where someone’s SSN identity was stolen, the thief got a job in another state and didn’t pay taxes for the job he had.  The IRS followed the name and number to the original owner of the SSN and demanded back-taxes on income he never made because the perpetrator had pocketed the money and left the victim to deal with the IRS.  This ties in with Tax Fraud identity theft.)

3) Criminal – People can commit crimes in your name, then the cops come to your door to arrest you for something you never knew about!  Heaven forbid that also happens on a night, weekend or holiday and end up in jail until normal business hours so you can finally contact an attorney!

4) Medical – People can assume your medical identity, get a blood test in your name, now according to records you have AIDS and can’t get good employment and have other issues with payments, prescriptions or treatments because of all the confusion.

5) Driver License – People can get tickets and points in your name and ruin your driving record.


The bottom line is that even IF you have a system in place to protect at least ONE of these identities, they will likely only report problems to you indicating a violation occurred, but it’s up to YOU to do the work to restore your identity and deal with all of the headaches and expense to clear your name and restore your possessions or status.   HOWEVER, I can show you a service that not only takes preventative protective actions to guard ALL of these identities, but also will step in to fully RESTORE your identity for you so that the work and expense doesn’t fall on you!

Check out these links to learn more!

1)  IDShield

2)  FOX NEWS – IDShield – News update on medical record theft.

3)  Beware of LifeLock! – Not only are they more expensive, but the FTC actually took action against them for misrepresenting themselves!

4)  ID Shield > LifeLock – ID Shield is cheaper and far more comprehensive!

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(PS – These days everyone is worried about scams and fraud, but it’s easy to tell this is a genuine product once you see the evidence.  This company has so much accreditation and recognition from prominent and reliable sources that it is easy to verify their legitimacy if you’re simply willing to look for it.  So, by all means, kick the tires and test drive the car!  It never hurts to be informed!)

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