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My film and theater experience is fairly limited, however, the few projects I have done have been quite fun!  The photo above is actually from a dance production project, but it was so bizarre by nature that it seemed more theatrical than like dance.  It was based on works by Samuel Beckett and Merc Cunningham.  It was divided into sections that were called different names, but for the sake of simplicity, we’ll refer to it by one of the sections I was in called, “Play.”  Unfortunately, I was not able to get a digital copy of the performance.  If I ever do, I’ll be sure to post it.

The Thorn (

This was my first year volunteering for The Thorn.  Wow, this is such a powerful theatrical performance, and this sample was taken from 2014 Easter production in the Denver metro area.  Check out the link above to see the official site, if you haven’t seen this play, YOU MUST!  The Thorn is an Easter play depicting the story of Jesus, but not only His life, but also a summary of the whole biblical story from the fall of a third of heaven’s angels who became demons, to the creation of the Earth and Adam & Eve’s banishment, through some old testament stories like Moses and the escape from Egypt, through to the birth, life, death and resurrection of Christ.  This depiction emphasizes the frequently forgotten spiritual element always present even when we don’t physically see it.  There is spiritual warfare going on all around us, and in this play, angels and demons were depicted having a great battle in the Garden of Gethsemane as Jesus prayed in anguish over his coming crucifixion.  In this production, I played a demon.  An evil, but necessary part of the story.  Without the villains, the heroes could not be so well identified and glorified, and the story wouldn’t be accurate.

The demons had two scenes in the play.  The first scene is the temptation of Judas, where demons come on the scene as a supernatural component to “encourage” Judas to decide to betray Jesus.  Believe it or not that scene is incredibly physically taxing and exhausting for demons.  We go through a fair amount of “hell” performing it!  The demons are not usually supposed to stand higher than waist level, at least not for more than a moment.  We need to crawl around all creepy, lunging, running and jumping from a squatted position while shreaking and screaming as loudly as possible in devilish cries and throwing a fit by thrashing around.  It is an incredible workout and rather painful actually.  That lasts about five minutes (five minutes of hell!), then we get about a two minute break before we come back on the stage for the battle in the garden.  The video here shows specifically my fight group, there were a total of three groups, each had one angel fighting three demons.  In this group, I was the tallest demon, if that helps.  Keep in mind if you decide to judge our theatrical fighting skills that, by this point, we’re already exhausted.

Noggin – Book Trailer

This was a minor project that I helped with as an extra.  Specifically, I played one of the reporters at the beginning of the trailer.  My appearance is so small that if you blink, you might miss it!  All the same though, at least I can still say that I’ve been in an official book trailer!  Noggin is essentially about a high school aged boy who got decapitated, but then somehow through a medical miracle, they reattached his head and he lived again.  However, his “death and resurrection” experience took him out of life for a few years and when he comes back, everyone is treating him differently and he has to figure out how to deal with it.  No, I haven’t read it, but here’s the trailer for it!

Return of the Dragon Sword

This was a really fun student film project at my university.  The graduating film director, Jason Phelps, had made an original short film centering on a cheesy 70’s type Chinese film with the same kind of voice-over effects that might indicate a poorly dubbed translation of the “Chinese film.”  It is full of wonderfully bad acting and hilarity!  The original film is called, “Legend of the Dragon Sword,” (click the title if you’d like to watch it) which I was not involved with making.  However, for his senior film project, he decided to make a sequel and he advertised for actors with the theater and dance departments.  I saw it and thought it sounded really fun!  I responded to his ad with such enthusiasm in my email that he gave me the lead protagonist role!  I played a blind Kung Fu master on a quest to find and destroy the infamous enchanted Dragon Sword.  The sword makes it’s wielder invincible as long as it is within their possession, but it also corrupts them and fills them with blood lust!  I was blinded by the sword as a young girl and then devoted my life to destroying it.  Here is the trailer/teaser for the sequel that I helped make!

I have the full version on DVD, but am still waiting for a digital version.  Once I can get a digital copy or convert the DVD, I will post the full version here as well.

Shibashi (死ばし) – “Death Bridge”

This was a group project for my beginning Japanese class at CU, Boulder, CO.  We needed to create a skit using specific grammar we had learned that semester.  See if you can guess what was the inspiration for our skit!  Do you know what is going on even if you don’t speak Japanese?

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