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IMG_0950Hello!  My name is Dana Yost.  Thank you so much for visiting my website! I’m really excited to see where this adventure leads! This is truly a faith walk for me. It has always been important to me to find the best way to use my gifts, strengths and talents. I want to find my unique passion and calling. After several frustrating years of doing jobs that have made me feel unfulfilled, unsatisfied and frequently bummed, I have become more passionate than ever about finding my passion. Funny how that works! A passion for finding a passion! In the process, I have felt compelled to encourage others to do the same. I believe God made each one of us with uniquely specific gifts and talents designed for a particular purpose. Not everyone fits so neatly into general vocations that are most well known in society. There are some who have wonderful talents in sales, mechanics, engineering, research, business, medical and a plethora of other fields, but it seems to be taking me a bit longer to find my special niche. I’m sure I’m not the only one who struggles to figure out where I belong in the world and how I can provide value while still being true to who God made me to be.

I believe Spark True Living is God’s project, not mine. I never imagined myself a writer or entrepreneur. However, in my efforts to find a kind of job that I would enjoy, I dabbled in a few different direct selling ventures, and I originally started this site to help market products and services from at least 2 or 3 different network marketing companies. Sadly, I discovered that not all network marketing opportunities are equally good, and I lost quite a bit of money by investing in the wrong companies. There is one, however, that I kept and still believe to be the best of any opportunities I’ve found, but we won’t talk about that here. You can find out about that on the “Income” page. I found out over time though that marketing is not particularly my forte, though I consider it a necessary skill for any business or career endeavor. We market ourselves all the time, so it is important to learn the basics at least. As a result, Spark True Living has gradually been transitioning the content that it markets – now marketing goals, potential, encouragement and insight through the sharing of experiences and resources. I believe the final purpose of this site may have yet to be revealed as it grows and changes as I do, but I’m hoping it can be a source of encouragement and inspiration toward achieving one’s greatest potential. Though different things may wind their way through the Spark True Living repertoire, I’d like to use it as a mode of learning and sharing with one another so that we can strengthen and support each other as we increase knowledge, experience and wisdom through life’s seasons.

As for me, in the process of self-discovery, I have taken several strengths tests, personality tests, and spiritual gifts assessments. I have also taken into consideration the things that have stayed my favorite hobbies over the years. The primary two interests that have seemed the most consistent for me are dancing and languages. What a weird combination! In particular, I have been studying Japanese. What kind of career would involve Japanese and dancing? I’m not exactly aspiring to be a geisha or in Kabuki. I have studied several languages and each time, run into some sort of situation that takes me away from the language for long enough to forget a lot of it. I’ve had to start relearning a language so many times, I’ve begun to feel burnt out on the endeavor to be a linguist. So, after serving in the Air Force for six years to pay for school, I decided to study dance this time. I have had a lot of fun learning various styles of dance in school and I have learned so much about the mechanics of movement, alignment and injury prevention. It is very interesting, but I’m still not sure how I’ll end up using these skills.

I am in exploration mode to find my passion and career path. I have been trying all kinds of different things from retail and marketing, to languages, to food service, to law enforcement and nothing felt right. I figured one industry in which I’ve never tried anything is the entertainment industry. So, now I’m learning about dance, theater, choreography, modeling and other artistic skills. I have been inspired to try writing, which is why I have put forth the effort to start a blog. I am also making attempts to write my first novel. I have several ideas for books I’d like to try, but never been much of a writer before, so it is a fascinating challenge to consider publishing something. If I am successful, I will certainly post any published works in “My Books” under the “Projects” section. The bottom line of all this is to say that, like you, I am in the process of growing, developing and discovering and even though there have been set backs, even some devastating tragedies and hardships along the way, I will continue to work on how I can use my strengths to help others and make the world a better place! I hope you will join me and share your discoveries and successes in achieving your goals and potential!

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Member of the Honor Society while attending school at the University of Colorado.

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