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Hello!  My name is Dana Yost.  Thank you so much for visiting my website! I’m very excited to see where this adventure leads! The development of Spark True Living has truly been a faith walk. It has always been important to me to find the best way to use my gifts, strengths and talents. I wanted to find my unique passion and calling. After several frustrating years of doing jobs that have made me feel unfulfilled, unsatisfied, and frequently discouraged, I became more passionate than ever about finding my passion. Then I found it without realizing it. A passion for finding a passion!

In the process, I have felt compelled to encourage and empower others to do the same. I believe God made each one of us with unique gifts and talents designed for a purpose. Not everyone fits so neatly into general vocations in society. It took me a bit longer to find my niche. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has struggled to figure out how I can contribute to the world while still being true to who God made me to be.

I believe Spark True Living is God’s project. I never imagined myself as a writer or entrepreneur. However, in my efforts to find a job that I would enjoy, I dabbled in a variety of fields and companies, and found none that felt fulfilling to me. I spent a lot of time, money, and effort spinning my wheels and not knowing what direction to go. I gradually realized that there may not be a company or job that has the purpose and position that best fits the passion and strengths God has given me. Even some of the strengths and personality tests I took confirmed this. But that’s when the door opened to unlimited opportunities! Opportunities so vast and unknown, that they are very intimidating and risky, but have the promise of high reward for those who are bold and resolved. When you can’t find work that is a good fit for you, there exists a brilliant opportunity to create new work and develop your own business and value!

As a result, Spark True Living has gradually been transitioning into a resource for personal and professional growth, goal achievement strategies, success habits and tools, encouragement and insight through the processing and sharing of experiences and pain, and more. Spark True Living will develop and change as I do, but my hope is that it can be a source of inspiration and empowerment for achieving your greatest potential. I desire to foster a community of people who are on fire with passion for life and the work they create and perform, who build a solid foundation for the future, and who excel at life!

To learn more about my personal achievements and experiences in life, please visit my Projects & Achievements page!

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