Japan Attraction: Disaster Prevention Park

Useful Japanese words:
Saigai 災害 / さいがい (Disaster)
Jishin 地震 / じしん (Earthquake)
Tsunami 津波  / つなみ (Tidal Wave)
Abunai 危ない / あぶない (Dangerous)
Anzen-sei 安全性 / あんぜんせい (Safety)

Japan is very prone to earthquakes. The Tōkyō Rinkai Kōiki Bōsai Kōen (東京臨海広域防災公園), or Disaster Prevention Park in English, is right on the edge of Tokyo Bay in a district called Odaiba. It is a park dedicated to the education and training of people on the proper preparation and response to common natural disasters in Japan such as earthquakes and tsunamis. The park facility has several educational presentations, displays and programs for visitors to browse.